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Bangladesh:  Bangladesh is a Queen in the world. This is South-East under developing small country.  It is mostly surrounded by Indian Territory except for small strip in the southeast by Myanmar and south by Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate marked by sweltering temperatures and high humidity. Bangladesh is hot and humid during the Summer (April-October) and cool and sunny during the winter (November-March). During the monsoon (June-September), it rains heavily and the average rainfall is 200 cm. Average daily temperature ranges from 5 degree Celsius (minimum) in winter to 36 degree Celsius (maximum) in the summer. Bangladesh has an agrarian economy. Jute and rice are the main cash crops. Other crops are tea, sugarcane, oilseeds, fruits, spices, vegetables, wheat, potatoes, tobacco and cotton. The major industries are jute processing, cotton, and garments, steel and pharmaceutical.

Country Name
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Total Area
147,570 sq. Km. & 56,977 sq. Mile

From Pakistan   -  Declared March 26, 1971   -  Victory Day December 16, 1971

Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy
National Anthem
Amar Shonar Bangla (By Robindranath Tagur)
Education Percentage
82% of total population in 2012
National  Animal
Bengal tiger
National  Calendar
Bengali calendar
National  Flower
White Water Lily
National  Bird
Oriental Magpie Robin
National  Fish
National  Fruit
National  Tree
Mango tree
National  Sport
National Days
Mourning Day-February 21, lndependence Day-March 26, Revolution Day-November 7 and Victory Day-December 16.
Muslim 85%, Hindu 14%, Buddhist 1%.
State Language 
Bangla (bengali), English is also widely spoken and understood. (Also see languages of Bangladesh).
Dhaka (Present area 414 sq. km. Master plan 777 sq. km.)
Latitude between 20'34" and 26'39" North, Longitude between 88'00" and 92'41" East. A more detailed map can be found at the Xerox Parc Map Viewer focused on Bangladesh; This allows you to zoom in and out !
Bounded by India from the North. East and West by the Bay of Bengal & Myanmar from the South.
142.3 million
Important Fruits
Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Jack-fruit, Water-melon, Green coconut etc.
Major industries

Jute, Sugar, Paper, Textile, Fertilizer, Cement, Natural Gas, Oil-Refinery, Newsprint, Fishing & Food Processing, Leather, Carpet. Timber. Ship-Building etc.
7 (Seven) administrative divisions. Barisal, Chittagong, Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Rangpur
64 (Sixty Four)

Standard Time
GMT + 6 hours
Dialing code
Taka (BDT)
Mineral Resources

Natural Gas, Limestone, Hard rock, Coal lignite, Silica Sand, White clay, Radio-active sand etc. (there is a strong possibilities of oil deposit)
Chittagong & Mongla.
International Airports
Shahjalal International Airport (Dhaka),  Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong), Osmani International Airport (Sylhet)
City Corporation
1. Dhaka ,2. Chittagong ,3. Rajshahi  4. Barisal
5. Khulna and 6. Sylhet City Corporation
Climactic Variations
Mainly four seasons : Summer (March-May), Monsoon (Jun-September), Autumn (Oct-Nov) and Winter (December-February)

Padma, Bramhaputra, Jamuna, Meghna, Karnaphuli, Teesta, Arial Khan, Surma etc. (Total 230 rivers including tributaries)

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